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competition preparations 

All the 51 Miss World America titleholders will be trained by nation’s best mindset coaches, speakers, hair and makeup stylists, polished by talent experts, guided on wellness, receive advice from former queens and more.

competition eligibility rounds 

You can. You are capable. You are worthy. You are enough. Your voice matters.
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competition rounds 

competition rounds.png
At Miss World America, we are focused on empowering our contestants and community. There are so many rounds of competition where you get to showcase your intelligence, heart and creativity!
Talent and Fitness rounds are optional. 

Following are some interviews done by our Miss World America Shree Saini. A very important job of a titleholder is to speak, advocate and promote many charitable initiatives.

Triumph over Adversity. King 5.
Always be grateful.
How to Manage Time
BBC Hindi TV Interview
Respond with LOVE 100% of the time
King 5 TV Interview
Enjoy Life. Be Kind 100% of the time.
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